High-Resolution Audio works by changing over simple sound to computerized at a higher and more exact rate than CDs. High-Resolution Audio can have a more noteworthy rate of 24bit/96Hz, catching a greater amount of the subtleties and nuances in your music. Hear your tracks precisely as they were recorded, with no trade off on sound.

Cleaner music with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) lifts upscaled sound to a quality that is better than CD. By using Sony’s restrictive calculations to reestablish the sounds and inconspicuous melodic surfaces that are lost when sound documents are packed, audience members can appreciate sound that is imitated with a definition closer to that of the first chronicle.

Appreciate each note with the S-Master HX computerized enhancer

Customary amps require different advanced to simple transformations – each influencing quality. Sony’s S-Master HX amp is 100% computerized for power without twisting. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) examinations your advanced record. At that point the S-Master HX speaker changes over the flag to a simple wave that is nearer to High-Resolution Audio. At long last, the flag courses through a Low Pass Filter (LPF) for exact sound generation.

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